How to Write Your First Wedding Planner Business Plan

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How to Write Your First Wedding Planner Business Plan

With more than two million weddings organizing each ear, the wedding planning industry is one with growing customer demand.

Professional wedding planners organize all the requests and necessities of the couple so that the newlyweds can focus on their special day. Similar to the wedding plan you create for the happy couples, your wedding planner business plan should organize your business, from the finances to the supplier.

This article will walk you through how to create your first wedding planning business plan for your next contract.

But first, let’s see how important is having a business plan for your wedding planning business.


Why Having a Wedding Planner Business Plan is Important?

Based on the professionalism a wedding planning business requires, a business plan allows you to be more committed to your business and your contracts.

  • Billing

A business plan for a wedding planner pro gives you an insight into finances and what amount of money would be needed to start your business.

Rather than starting on the things that aren’t important, a wedding planning business plan can help you start based on your priorities.

  • Forecasting

A business plan helps you be prepared for different situations and scenarios. A lot of things can subdue your plan, for example, unavailability of resources, misunderstanding in the family, etc.

The plan trashes out all possible situations because you will be able to predict what can happen and how to reach to solve the problem.

  • Unique Idea

The business plan helps the event planner to create a unique business idea. Creating the plan gives room for research and this can go a long way in creating modern and elegant weddings.

  • Budgeting

For the organizer to have a clue of what the event would look like, the business plan must reflect what you intend to do. In case your plan doesn’t suit the needs of your clients, you can make small modifications, and fit their preferences.

Wedding Planner Business Plan Template to Follow

To create your first wedding planning business plan, you need a template to guide you. Here is the perfect wedding planner business plan template:


Prepare a Cover Page

The cover page includes all the necessary information about your business. For example, your company name, phone number, address, email address, etc. Use the right font size and spacing.


Legal Page

This page is very important. It is a confidential agreement between you and your clients. Ask the client to read the terms and conditions of your business so you can both avoid disagreements. The budget should be clearly stated according to the sum agreed n.


Table of Content

Table of content includes a list of the content of the business plan. Here is an example:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Summary of the Company
  3. Services
  4. Strategies and Implementation
  5. Management
  6. Financial Plan
  7. Conclusion

Executive Summary

Here, you should include an overview of the business plan.

Summary of Your Company

In this section, you need to include every detail of your business. Describe your corporate culture and give a formal description of yourself.

Make sure to add your achievements and a summary of your business’s achievements or awards received on wedding events. This will make your clients delighted and find you more reliable and easy to work with.


Give details of the services you offer. Some wedding planners offer catering services, decoration services, etc.

Don’t forget to make a brief proposal that shows why you need to be hired among others.

Strategies and Implementation

Use this section to summarize how your ideas can be carried out. You can categorize the activities under subcategories.


Make sure to include the team you would work with, as well as, their capabilities in organizing a modern and elegant wedding.

Having a great team is important for running a successful wedding planning business.

Financial Plan

Include the financial details of the event and how much you plan on paying every company working with you in different departments including catering, decoration, photography, etc.



Give a summary of the unique idea you have of the wedding and why you want to work with your business partners. It is essential to give a precise amount of the costs by which the needs and requirements can be met.

Don’t forget to give a sample wedding you have planned that is similar to the new wedding you are planning and how you made it special.

This is a helpful guide that can help you write a compelling business plan for your wedding planning business. Be straightforward and precise when writing your business plan and make sure you follow the plan or otherwise, your business may be affected.

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