How to Become a Wedding Planner Without Previous Experience

If you love parties, have a calm nature, and helpful disposition, a lucrative career in the wedding planning business can be yours. Today, almost anyone can convert a hobby or present occupation into being a professional wedding planner.

Brides are often too busy to plan their weddings and what was once expected help from family and friends is now unavailable. To reduce stress and to ensure a beautiful wedding, more and more brides are turning to professional wedding planners.

Most planners work out of their homes and have flexibility in their days. It is a career that is creative and easily integrated with caring for elderly parents or child-rearing. Most of the work is done via mail or phone.

Do you have what it takes to become a wedding planner, even if you don’t have any experience? Yes, and we will show you how.


What Skills Do Wedding Planners Need?

Do you have the personality and skills to become a wedding planner?

Here are some qualities every wedding planner should own:

  • Communication: You won’t just need to talk to clients and vendors before or during the event but you will also need to deal with all kinds of guests in a turbulent environment.
  • Organization: If you want everything to be perfect and done on time, you need to be organized. Having organizational skills is crucial in this business.
  • Patience: Everyone wants their weddings to be perfect which means they can be pushy and demanding. Learn how to deal with and solve every situation.
  • Stamina: On wedding days, you will be on your feet, on-site, for hours. Stay calm and enjoy.

Can you become a wedding planner without a degree?

You don’t need a college degree to become a professional wedding planner, however, majors like communications, marketing, business, event planning or public relations could give you a foundation.

While degrees and certificates might make you more appealing to clients, they aren’t necessary.


How to Get Experience and Become a Wedding Planner

What is more important than certificates and degrees? Experience, of course.

Whether it is planning a wedding for free or an internship at an agency, acquiring experience is key to success in this business.

Becoming a wedding planner is not the easiest thing in the world, but if you are good at what you do and people think you are meant for this job, seize the opportunity. Even if you can’t get a wedding planner job at first, look for a position in the events industry, for example, start working as a florist, caterer, decorator, etc.

You will see how different vendors work and experience a lot of events. It will also give you an idea of how demanding is to work at weddings.


Should Wedding Planners for a Company or As Individuals?

This depends on you, your experience level, and your preferences. If you have previously worked in project management or event planning and you have prior experience running a business, you might be better to work as an individual.

If you have just graduated and you don’t have experience organizing events, it might be better to join an agency or company first.

If you decide to work by yourself, here are a few tips you can use:

  • Invest in a website, blog, and social media: Your website is your storefront and the first impression clients see. Have a blog where you can share information about your business, what inspired you to start your own wedding planning business, wedding planner tips, etc. Social media is where new clients are found. Make sure you have Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.
  • Educate yourself: Take online courses, hire a business coach, and attend conferences. It is important to invest in yourself, your skills, and your experience.
  • Prepare for upfront costs: When starting a wedding planning business, there are some costs involved, for example, photoshoots, LLC, promotional videos, etc.

What is Like to Be a Wedding Planner?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a wedding planner job description.

Wherever you are an employee or working as a wedding planner, you can expect every day to be different.

One day, you might spend your time answering emails and calls from clients. The next day you might taste cakes and choose flowers. Next, you might have to juggle taxes, invoices, and other business responsibilities.

You will also have to plan and attend different events so it is important to be okay with working on weekends and evening.

Is it easy to become a wedding planner without any experience?

Definitely not, but as long as you are dedicated and you are working a job you love, you will have no problem becoming a successful and professional wedding planner.

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