How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner: Grow Your Business Using These 9 Tactics

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9 Tactics to Make Money as a Wedding Planner & Grow a Business

There is no shortage of competition in the wedding planning business industry, and wedding planners hoping to make a name for themselves need to take one extra step to build their client base.

How to make money as a wedding planner? This is the question that bothers many professional and beginner wedding planners. Because weddings are one-off events, you must consistently generate new leads.

Here are 9 tactics that will help you grow your wedding planning business, attract new clients, and hopefully double your revenue.


#1: Partner With Wedding Vendors

Weddings are big events and need a lot of services for it to be nothing less but a success. Even if you are running a full-service wedding business, there will be products and services that need to be managed by other people or outsourced.

Make a list of products and services which your clients will require but you don’t offer. Make sure to contact all vendors that provide these services. The best vendors will become your promotional channel and give you great leads. You can do a reverse promotion for them. It is a win-win situation.

Businesses you can approach are caterers, florists, designers, photographers, and entertainment providers.

#2: Start a Wedding Blog

Future brides invest a lot of their time in planning for the wedding of their dreams. One research found that over 90% of the brides search online for ideas and inspiration. This is just one of the reasons why you should start a blog.

The blog serves as a media channel and you can put out all the information that seems important about your services. Make sure the content is relevant, interesting, and not self-promotional.

Some ideas that you can write about in your blog are:

  • Articles from beauty, fashion, and lifestyle experts
  • Photo stories of weddings your team has organized
  • Checklist for every stage of the wedding planning process
  • Financial planning for the wedding
  • Bridal fashion tips
  • Bridal makeup tips
  • Planning for a honeymoon


#3: Create a Brand Identity

Brand identity means how you want your customers to perceive your services. It is important to create a brand identity as soon as you can. Some elements that contribute to an effective brand identity are:

  • Brand Name: Brand name is the name of your business. Consider your potential clients and choose a name that will appeal to them.
  • Logo: Wedding planner logos are an important part of the identity. This is because wedding logos are going to be on bills, social media, stationery, etc. Hire a good logo designer who can create the perfect logo for you.
  • Graphics and Color: For any business, the visual elements are important and sync together to create a brand.


#4: Invest in SEO

Today, all leads come through online channels so it makes sense to spend time and money in building your online presence.

If necessary, redesign your website. Make a simple, modern, and yet effective website. Have a great user interface and user experience so your visitors stay on it.

Focus on creating unique content and use keywords effectively.

Make sure you have enough pages for all of the services you offer.

You can also spend on Google ads. A fully optimized website and the right keywords will get you the desired results – more clients = more money.

#5: Get Published in Wedding Magazines

If you want to know how to make more money as a wedding planner, this is the best advice we can give you – get published in popular wedding magazines and publications.

Women today spend a lot in preparing for their wedding and depend on magazines for inspiration and tips. One of the best promotional channels is through publications magazines and according to experts – it is bound to get you a lot of leads.

If you are not sure of how to get your business in a magazine, hire a PR company that works with bloggers or influencers who can get your wedding planning business some media coverage. If you don’t have the budget to hire a company, you can set up a creative challenge or sent out a press release about your wedding service.


#6: Engage with Existing Clients for Referrals

One of the best ways to make money as a wedding planner is to engage with the clients you already have. Your existing clients can be helpful by providing you with referrals and potential leads.

Women have close-knit groups and communities and they trust the opinion of a family member or a friend about the services they need at the moment. Here is how you can make your clients your number one promotional channel:

  • Give them a personalized gift
  • Wish them through a personalized postcard
  • Create a referral program with gift coupons

The most important thing is to make sure your clients speak highly of you.


#7: Participate in Wedding Fairs

Wedding fairs can be a great promotional channel if you make the best use of it. Check on the people who are attracted to these events before going ahead.

Here is how to make the best of the fairs or exhibition once you have decided to participate:

  • Give away free merchandise
  • Give out business cards
  • Get contact details of leads

#8: Be Present on Social Media

Today, the entire wedding industry is driven by social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can run some of these ideas with your audience online by creating engaging content and fun videos, run contests, games or challenges, update your photos, etc.


#9: Invest in Customer Service

Make sure you offer the best customer service so that not just your clients but even your business partners, employees, and guests are impressed by it.

Always give attention to detail, ensure you have a plan B for any emergency, and connect with the reviewers to get feedback.

Now that you know how to make money online as a wedding planner, invest your time in providing excellent service and within no time, you will grow your wedding planning business.

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