5 Steps to Become a Wedding Planner and Launch Your Business

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5 Steps to Become a Wedding Planner and Launch Your Business

Weddings are special and once-in-a-lifetime events for both brides and grooms. The wedding way must be unforgettable as the fairytale the couple has dreamed up.

However, perfect weddings don’t just happen. They are well organized, thought-out and require a lot of planning and execution. That is one of the reasons why many couples turn to professional wedding planners to handle all the details that come along.

In this article, we will show you how to become a wedding planner and walk you through everything you need to know before launching your own wedding planning business.


What Is a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners handle the logistics behind weddings to ensure the event goes as perfectly as possible.

It is not common for engaged couples to plan their weddings all on their own. They simply don’t want to deal with caterers, florists, decorators, before the big day.

Professional wedding planners coordinate with churches, wedding venues, photographers, florists, banquet halls, and more to organize a beautiful wedding. By the time the bride walks down the aisle, everything is in place and all thanks to the wedding planner and coordinator.

It is relatively easy to become a professional wedding planner but before you consider yourself as one, you need to ask yourself – Is wedding planning right for you?

Is Wedding Planning the Right Job for You?

Wedding planning isn’t for everyone. If you are an excellent multitasker, an organized planner, and work well under pressure, wedding planning is a good choice for you.

There is plenty of task juggling and planning that goes into a well-organized wedding. You will be responsible for event scheduling, keeping track of reservations, vendor coordination, etc. It will be important to stay organized as the wedding date approaches.

You should be able to keep calm in stressful situations. Weddings have a funny way of having chaotic surrounding the big say as of all the details and people invited.

It will be your job to handle these situations while making sure the happy couple is comfortable and trust your skills. Since it is their special day, you should be able to be empathetic and understanding to any requests they make.

Also, you should expect to give up your weekends and nights, especially during a wedding season. This job requires long hours and hard work.


How Much Do Professional Wedding Planners Make?

Wedding planner salaries depend on how many weddings you book, what types of weddings you organize, and how high you set your service rates. According to one research, professional wedding planners make around $51.000 per year.

If you have more weddings booked throughout the year, your salary will be higher.

There are two ways you can get paid as a wedding planner – commissions and service fees. Some wedding planners decide to charge high or premium service fees.

On the other hand, if you accept commissions, you will receive them when you book services through vendors you collaborate with.

If you book luxury weddings that cost a lot of money, you can charge higher rates or receive hefty commissions from vendors you book.

How to Become a Wedding Planner and Launch a Business in 5 Steps

Starting your wedding planning business will require training, experience, and network with other professionals.

Step 1: Seek Training

The first thing you need to do to become a wedding planner is getting some training and experience. This will help you get your feet wet and help you in your decision of whether you want to pursue this as a full-time job.

By working with other wedding planners, you can get hands-on training. Reach out to successful wedding planners and ask if you can be their assistant. This will give you an insider look at everything that is happening into a wedding.

Experience can be acquired through different types of events. Event planners help organize engagement parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc. These events are similar to weddings.


Step 2: Get Certified

Becoming a wedding planner without certification is going to be a problem. Even though certification or college degrees aren’t mandatory to become a wedding planner, they will help you stand out from other planners in your niche. Also, it will show prospective clients that you are good at what you do and they can trust you.

Are there any educational requirements to become a wedding planner. No, but it certainly helps to have experience in business, marketing, and sales.

The certifications can be pursued through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. There are two options – you can take a wedding planner certification online or do it in-person.


Step 3: Select a Wedding Niche

Choosing a wedding niche can set you apart from your competitors. There are plenty of niches to choose from. One popular niche is a same-sex marriage wedding planner, another is a destination wedding planner. Also, you could do barn weddings, weddings with a quick turnaround, rooftop weddings, etc.

Pick a niche and stick to it. It is best not to get too specific as you will limit the number of clients you take in. It is best to be flexible and choose a niche that will bring in lots of clients.


Step 4: Collaborate with Other Professionals

Successful wedding planners have a network they can use to pull off incredible weddings. This will help find vendors you can work with and provide a stream of referral clients.

It is important to have go-to vendors of all sorts, for example, florists, photographers, caterers, DJs, salons, bakeries, makeup artists, etc.


Step 5: Find Clients

Having an online presence is one of the best ways to find new clients. This includes having a website with social media channels. Since weddings are a visual experience, they are made to be shared on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Also, there are local wedding conventions you can attend to get your name out there. You can find a lot of potential clients and also network with other vendors.

Now that you know how to become a professional wedding planner, the only thing left to do is to make the first step. Your first clients are just around the corner.

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