10 Wedding Planner Tips for Planning a Wedding Like a Pro

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10 Wedding Planner Tips for Planning a Wedding Like a Pro

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming, but as long as you follow the right tips, you will find planning the most important day of your life more enjoyable.

We’ve discussed with professional wedding planners and thanks to them we have the top 10 wedding planner tips to make your special day delightful.


Set a Budget

We all know that weddings can be expensive and just like any other event, you may want to add extra items to your list closer to the date.

It is essential to set a budget and stick to it. Aim to never exceed your budget. If you have wish list items that may pop up closer to the time of the wedding, add those items in with your budget from day one.

If, for example, you overspend on decorations, cut back from something else on the list. Prioritize the big spend items knowing that those have to be paid for.

Have a Timeline

Besides the budget, having a timeline is also necessary for planning a wedding. Create a reasonable timeline, map out due dates, and fit to your busy schedule. You will find wedding websites provide checklists with timelines so make sure to follow these when planning out your tasks and responsibilities.


Find the Right Even Tools

Every wedding planner tips guide will suggest you use event tools. In fact, these tools are wedding planners best friend. Look for apps with checklists, budgets, and reminders used for weddings and other special events.

Some wedding planners prefer to work in Excel while others prefer the traditional method of writing out every detail for the event.


Know The Important Details

Now that you have set up the budget and created a timeline for your wedding, it is time to reveal the most important details. The size of the wedding will impact the budget so make sure to create a guest list first and stick to it.

Once you have the list, move on to choosing a wedding date, venue, and theme. Selecting a venue is similar to choosing event venues for any other type of event.


Design with Quality

You probably have a few design resources you use for birthdays, engagements, and other special events on a yearly basis, however, when it comes to a wedding, make sure to reach out to professionals and ask them to help you design invitations, signs, and programs.

There is nothing more beautiful than a creative and unique wedding set with a custom twist showing off the character and the style of the happy couple.

Vendors are Very Important

One of the most important wedding planner tips and tricks revolve around hiring vendors. Remember, vendors are your golden ticket.

Before hiring vendors, find references and create a spreadsheet with contact information. Vendors are just the same as any corporate event or tradeshow, however, in your case, they may be a food and beverage caterer, a DJ, decor company, lighting and photo booth company, and much more.

Set up meetings with all the vendors you want to include. Together, you are creating a special experience for both the bride and the groom, as well as, for the wedding guests.


Take Care of Customer Service

No matter what kind of event is being planned, event planners go out of their way to provide amazing service. When you are planning a wedding, you need to go the extra mile for everyone involved. Create welcome bags for the wedding guests, use the gift vendors to personalize party favors for all gifts, and buy special gifts for your family.

Inside the bag, you can include the schedule, times to arrive, and goodies for your wedding guests. You can customize the goodies to fit the location of the wedding. Your guests will love the welcome bags and your creative ideas.


Take Time to Rest

Being a wedding planner is not easy. Even if you know the best wedding planner tips ideas, you are still under a lot of pressure to make everything perfect.

One way to make sure you are focused on you is to hire a professional wedding planner who can pick up where you left off.

There are lots of wedding event companies who can provide professional services for a great price. Their services will ease your mind and you will be able to enjoy a stress-free day.


Predict Scenarios

No wedding will ever come off perfectly. You should always expect something to go not as planned. That is the truth. You can either be prepared and confront the problem or let it ruin your day.

So many things may appear on the wedding day, such as missing centerpieces, broken zippers on a dress, etc. Have a back-up plan and keep it cool.


Relax and Enjoy

Most people forget to take a few minutes and look around once everything is set up and planned. You need to take a few minutes to relax and simply enjoy the results of planning a fun-filled memory.

Having the right wedding planner tips will help you go a long way. Enjoy your day!

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