10 Reasons to Become a Wedding Planner

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Become a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a popular career nowadays and for a good reason – people will never stop getting married and weddings are always fun. However, like any career, there are challenges that can create second thoughts about whether you should become a wedding planner.

This is a unique profession as you need to make sure that two people have the best day of their life while staying within time restraints and the budget. If you have a passion for weddings, we see no reason why you shouldn’t become a professional wedding planner. In fact, here are 10 other reasons to convince you that this is a great career option for you.


Help make your clients turn a vision into reality

It will be your responsibility to turn your clients’ vision into reality. Isn’t that exciting? You will be able to help create the mood, style, look, and emotions clients want. With your experience and knowledge of the wedding planning industry, you will give advice on the newest trends and styles inspired by others.


Work in some of the most amazing locations

Whether your clients want their wedding in a castle or in a garden, you will find yourself working in some of the most beautiful locations. Through the wedding planning process, you will need to be present to deal with suppliers and ensuring everything is going according to the plan.

Growing industry

More people than ever are using wedding planning services to take the pressure off organizing their wedding. So, what better time to start your dream career than now? In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts Event Planning employment will grow in the next 10 years.


It is a creative and cool job

If you are a creative type, this is a great career option for you. That amazing wedding that you imagined is now taking place in front of you and you are in charge of it.

Wedding planning is not a traditional type of job that will keep you in the office all day. Each day will be different, bringing with it new challenges and adventures. No boredom.

Your time will be spent doing website visits, research for client proposals, touring vendor showrooms, meeting with potential clients, and setting up events.


It is Global

Many companies recognize the importance to meet face to face with their clients and employees, regardless of their location. This career gives you an opportunity to plan weddings in your own city but also across the country and internationally.


Good at negotiation and mediation

The best wedding planners can review vendor agreements and contracts and have them tailored to meet the specific needs of the clients. Also, they are able to smooth over rifts between the family members and the clients when required as no event is as emotionally exhausting as a wedding.

Becoming a planner is easy as long as you are good at both negotiation and mediation. To become a successful wedding planner, you must be the best at “the art of the deal”.

Adapt quickly to last-minute changes

In this job, you will learn how to adapt to last-minute changes and just go with the flow. Sometimes, even the most carefully planned events may go away, whether it be a stain on the bride’s dress or a delay in the catering.

Being a professional wedding planner comes with a lot of challenges but those challenges can only make you better at your job. Successful wedding planners know how to solve a problem without panicking and turn it into the best part of the wedding.


Excellent at managing time and materials

Wedding planners are their own bosses. Someone who is not organized would never be able to deal with the huge amount of paperwork, appointments, clients panicking, and other situations that go with wedding planning. The ability to stay on top of the schedule, daily responsibilities, and all of the tangible supplies that go along with this job is a must.

If you are excellent at managing your time, you will enjoy working with different people handling different tasks every day.


Possess excellent attention to detail

Although attention to detail has become a buzzword, it still remains a cornerstone on a professional wedding planning.

Clients are looking for trained eyes and ears and wedding planners need to be able to notice problems before they happen. Making sure that everyone and everything looks great, managing a large group of vendors and guests, maintaining a timeline is no easy task and would be impossible for someone who is not naturally vigilant about the smallest details.

If you possess excellent attention to detail, don’t think twice about whether should you become a wedding planner. It is perfect for you.


Passionate about every aspect of a wedding

There are various elements that come together when planning a wedding: flowers, food, photography, music, attire, videography, favors, transportation, etc. Professional wedding planners are interested in all aspects of weddings and that is what makes them successful.

People are open to passion and planners know how to use that openness.

Becoming a wedding planner seems more attractive and fun now, right?

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